U-Pick Berries


We are open every day except Wednesdays and Sundays from 8am to 1pm.

Tuesday will be good for some late season blueberry and raspberry picking. 

Closed Wednesday. 

Your own containers are allowed this year and washroom facilities are available!


Our blueberry patch consists of about 300 plants which are approximately 25 years old and fully mature. Blueberry picking usually starts the second week of July and runs until the end of August, depending on the weather. We do not use a designated row system which means you are free to pick wherever you like. We have three varieties of blueberry bushes: Blue Crop, Blue Ray and Patriots.

$2.25 per pound


The raspberries are normally ripe a week or so before the blueberries and have a shorter picking season.  As with the blueberries, we do not designate you to a row but we do encourage you to search for the berries. Raspberries are often hidden and you may find by looking down low or under leaves, there are lots of ripe berries.

$3.25 per pound