Sweet Corn

Taste the difference having freshly picked corn makes!

Mid August – Early September harvest. You can find our award winning non-GMO sweet corn at the farm stand or the Farmers’ Market. We hand-pick the cobs each evening before the farmers market to ensure maximum freshness.

Price: $0.50 per cob


Sweet Corn is harvested from mid August to early September

We grow four different varieties of award winning sweet corn at the farm; ranging from early peaches and cream to later maturing solid yellow kernel cobs. We hand-pick the cobs each evening before the Farmers’ Market to ensure maximum freshness. Once we have picked all of the larger cobs, the corn is chopped into silage and fed during the winter to the water buffalo. We have always, and will continue to grow only non-gmo varieties. You can purchase corn at the Farmers’ Market or at the farm stand. Large orders are welcome.

Price: $0.50 per cob