Breeding Stock

Are you a Canada or United States-based farm who wants to expand their water buffalo herd, or are you interested in starting a water buffalo or other herd farm from the ground up?

The origins of our McClintock’s Farm water buffalo herd are from the Archer’s first water buffalo, imported into Canada from the Bulgarian breeding program. Archer was formerly a British Columbia farm that moved to Sainte-Sabine, Quebec in 2021.

For the last 12 years we have steadily improved the milking ability of our water buffalo with the use of superior Italian AI bulls and careful selection for good udders and high milk production. With this we experience faster milk let-down, as well as gentler temperament.

We have calves, heifers, bred heifers, milking animals, and breeding bulls available.

We have experience exporting live animals to the United States, including Hawaii.

Email or call us to discuss your questions – we are always happy to help!